Header cards for labeling products

Header cards for labeling products

Header cards are also known as bag toppers .these cards secure the inside product in packaging. These cards provide details of the product inside the bag, and it also helps in the product display for the customers. The header card describes the outlook of the development by providing all the essential details about it and making the product appealing. The card can be customized in smaller, medium, and large sizes according to its need. It also represents the logo of the manufacturing company of the product .you can see various colors of the header cards in different marketplaces.

Types of header cards

You can customize any of the header cards from the below types:

Classic header cards

The classic header card is small, and you can staple it easily on your product packaging. You can also use tape to attach this card to your product.

Kraft header cards

The second type of header card is the Kraft card. It works like a classic card, and you can staple it easily.

Vistaprint header card

This card is specially designed for the top of the letter or hour posters, and it also comes in different sizes and colors. The Vistaprint header card is also known as a rack card. You can use it to customize the calendar and diverse menu in restaurants, and it also mentions prices on it.

Cardboard header card

The cardboard card can quickly be removed without damaging the product's packaging. This card gives a new and appealing look to your product branding.

Custom header card

Custom header cards are those cards that do not have anything written on them. These come in smaller, medium, and large sizes. The color for this card includes red, blue, white, green, and yellow. Custom header card has the option of more than 40 varieties.

Advantages of header cards

  • The header cards are beneficial in presenting and securing your product and its packing. This card will give an overview of your product with all significant details printed on it.
  • It is a pocket-friendly product that does not cost you much because it gives information about your product and makes it secure.
  • The management or use of this card is super easy. All you need is a stapler or tape to stick it with the product's outer packaging and secure the opening ends of the packaging.
  • The header card works as a packaging tool because it costs you much less than other packing materials. If you purchase this card in bulk, then it will give you a more cost reduction.
  • You can also customize the design of the header card according to your choice.
  • Some header cards can be recycled for further use.


The header card is one of the most used and demanding products for different brands and small businesses. Everyone uses these for the packing of their product and its representation. it gives an attractive outer look to your product, and you can sell your product more efficiently without a burden on your wallet.