Imogen at 2 months

Imogen is now over 10 weeks old! Here’s the photos I took of her at 2 months and 1 day:

Imogen-at-2-months Imogen-at-2-months Imogen-at-2-months

Compared to her 2 week and 1 month photos:


She’s definitely getting longer and filling out! She’s not newborn “scrunched up” like at all anymore. She’s had her 8 week vaccinations which she was very brave about (I guess they weren’t as painful as the blood tests or canula she has had) but was rather upset later in the day so had her first ever dose of Calpol. She can typically be unsettled during the day and difficult to put down (I am typing this one-handed with her sleeping over my shoulder) and I’ve mastered the Close sling to put her in when she wants to be cuddled but I really need to crack on with things. I bought the sling when Seren was born but we never had to use it so didn’t! Here she is in the sling and also her asleep in her pram with her hand sticking out from under a muslin, just like her big sister used to do.


She does like to stretch out on her playmat at least once a day though and have a good leg kicking session. She’s started to push herself back with her legs and also rolls onto her side already. She seems pretty strong! The other evening she was in the middle of the playmat one minute and off on the floor the next having pushed herself back!

imogen 2 months

She also likes being outside in the evenings, snoozing and watching her daddy water the garden.

imogen 2 months

Thankfully she sleeps well overnight, from about 11pm to 5am ish when she wakes for a quick feed and is easily settled afterwards. We’re still mix feeding though her latch is much better now and we’re doing more breastfeeding than ever and having to express less milk.

She’s smiling more and gives us a huge grin first thing in the morning and has lots of smiles for her sister. The introduction of a camera seems to break the spell though so it’s tricky to take smiley photos so you’ll have to make do with this blurry one:

imogen 2 months

She’s pretty social and always has smiles for other people (sometimes more so than ones for mummy!). This morning she was grinning at her reflection in the mirror in M&S, I guess she liked the look of that smiley baby! She’s spent some time hanging out with her little baby friends, Arthur, Thomas, Camilla, Emily, Arlo and Phoebe and baby cousin Elena but doesn’t seem to register their existence just yet.

imogen 2 monthsShe’s still getting lots of visitors to meet her and she enjoys all of the cuddles!

imogen 2 months

She also got to spend a couple of hours on her own at nana and grandad’s whilst I treated myself to some me-time at the dentist (!). She was perfectly happy being there without mummy or daddy thankfully!

Imogen at 1 month!
Imogen’s Birth Story

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