Gone parenting

sistersHello there! I’m not getting much time to myself at the moment, as I’m sure you can appreciate, so it’s been hard to keep up to date with our tales.

I remember a friend saying “it’s not twice as hard, it’s twenty times as hard” after the arrival of her second child. I also read something recently that said when your second baby arrives you feel like you know what you are doing with the newborn but the toddler becomes more challenging in a “PUT YOUR BABY SISTER DOWN AND DO NOT FEED HER CHEERIOS” type way. Based on my short experience of being a mum to two, I completely agree with these comments! Our main challenges at the moment are the continued feeding difficulties with Imogen and potty training Seren. Neither of these things are going as well as I’d like and both are pretty logistically and emotionally draining.

On the whole though we are all getting used to being a family of four, in that Andy and I are getting used to being needed by two little people at exactly the same time and Seren is getting used to sharing us. She loves Imogen and being a big sister but has found not being top dog around here anymore tough. The best tantrum was when she slammed the front door behind me as I went back out to get Imogen out of the car. We’d just returned from swimming and I guess she was tired, hot and feeling a little sensitive as she is prone to at the moment, she wanted a cuddle which I said I would give her once I’d got Imogen inside. 99% of the time I put the door on the latch as I go back and forth to the car but of course this was the one time I hadn’t. Seren was locked inside and is too little to open the door herself. Fortunately my bag with my phone were still outside with Imogen and grandad was able to come round quickly with spare keys! Thankfully Seren was happily playing with her toys when we got in.

Hopefully things will settle down soon and the big challenges of today will be, almost, forgotten about before long.

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