The garden in June

We’ve been lucky to spend quite a lot of June in the garden! Playing with the usual toys, drawing with pavement chalks, chasing bubbles, having real and pretend picnics and sliding into the paddling pool.

june garden june-garden-5There’s lots of colour at the moment, we planted out our bedding plants at the end of May and perennials such as the fuchsia and hydrangea are now flowering too. The early clematises and gorgeous aliums are now both over though along with most of the snapdragons.

june garden june garden

The hydrangea is now 4 or 5 times the size it was when we planted it 2 years ago!

june garden june garden

Perennial fuchsia and one last snapdragon.


I have no idea what the plants below are called but I love the colours!


The nigella is flowering too, I discovered last week during a conversation with my auntie about blue flowers that its also called ‘love in a mist’! You can see why.

june garden

We’ve planted lots of geraniums in pots to cheer up the dreary concrete at the back of the garden and filled the hanging basket too.

june garden june garden

I don’t think my peony plant is going to flower alas. The buds have gone hard and pretty dead looking. The plant is from my stepmum’s garden and didn’t flower last year after we uprooted it and moved it down south. I was hopeful for flowers this year but after reading more about the plant it may take another year to get settled.

june gardenMrS picked up these ‘Stars and Stripes’ petunias and I love them!

june garden

The vintage fruit crates that we planted with climbers and bedding plants are doing well. The jasmine in one of the crates is flowering and starting to smell wonderfully.

june garden june-gardenThe climbing rose we planted last year is now flowering too. I love the mixture of pinks, corals and brighter orange colours it has.

june gardenThe passiflora has spread a lot but no flowers as yet.

june garden

We’ve hung bird seed in coconut shells and Seren has enjoyed watching the magpies come into the garden to eat it.

june garden

Seren is also enjoying being chief strawberry and raspberry picker! Which means that as soon as something turns red she is allowed to pick them for an immediate snack. So I don’t really get to photo the ripe fruit but here are some green ones.


We planted out the tomatoes and MrS has put a robust frame in place after last year’s crop got into a bit of a mess.

june garden june garden

The courgette plants have been planted out too though it would seem that they might be squash plants instead! I can’t tell yet.

june garden

In the vegetable patch, the potatoes are flowering and the peas are growing up the canes. I think the carrots we planted in between them have been totally overshadowed – oops!

june garden

Hopefully July will bring more sunny, carefree garden days.

P.S. The garden in May

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