Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 29-32


The bump at 31 and 32 weeks

After the chicken pox scare and general illnesses of the previous 4 weeks, we all started to feel a bit healthier towards the end of February though I was feeling quite tired again. The day before I reached the 33 week mark was my last day at work, I had decided to take the bulk of my 2014 annual leave upfront before my maternity leave kicks in. It did mean that the 4 weeks leading up to that were frantic work wise though and on my work days I would pretty much get home and get to bed as soon as possible.

I had to write down a list of topics to discuss for my 28 week midwife appointment as the 25 week appointment had been derailed with the chicken pox thing and I left without even asking for my MATB1 form (you get this from your midwife at 25 weeks and you need to give it to your employer to confirm your pregnancy and get your maternity leave payments, so kind of important!). I had a lovely unhurried 28 week midwife appointment and went through my list and when she listened to the baby’s heartbeat on her doppler I recorded the it on my phone. I did this when Seren was in utero so pleased I remembered to do it this time around!

The next day I met the midwife again for the 28 week routine blood test (she had run out of blood bottles the day before). A week later I got a letter to tell me that the test had picked up a very slight iron deficiency and instructed me to get a prescription for ferrous sulphate tables from my GP. I’m guessing being low in iron might have been another reason for my tiredness. I’ve been taking the tablets ever since but¬†they are not pleasant and upset my tummy. I don’t eat meat but have upped my nut, seed and dark chocolate intake to provide another iron boost!

At the end of February MrS and I had a refresher session at home with a local NCT breastfeeding counsellor. We mix fed Seren both breast and formula milk and ideally I’d like to give just breastfeeding a go with number 2. I feel a lot more prepared for feeding this time around but we shall see how things develop.

We also managed to chip away at the redecoration projects¬†for the nursery and Seren’s bedroom! We had contractors in to move radiators, move power sockets and plaster the walls which left MrS to paint and me to go round in circles choosing colour schemes, furniture and decor bits and pieces. I suppose that is the fun bit!

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Little Star Number Two!

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