Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 25-28

26-week-bump-and-arm-blistersThe bump at 26 weeks and the arm blisters! 

By the end of January my regular clothes were mostly too tight to wear so I got out the dusty storage boxes with my maternity clothes in and washed them ready to wear. Two days later I came out in blisters all along my arms and some on my side! Seren and I had been exposed to chicken pox 3 weeks earlier (which typically has a 10-21 day incubation period) but as I had chicken pox as a child I wasn’t too worried about that and put the blisters down to an allergic reaction. Googling (I know, I know, googling symptoms is bad for your health!) informed me that there was actually a hive-like pregnancy condition called PEP (polymorphic eruption of pregnancy) which seemed to resemble the blisters I had but the condition usually occurred later on in the 3rd trimester.

Fortunately, I had my routine 25 week midwife appointment that day and 2 midwives and 2 GPs decided that it would be best to err on the side of caution and treat me for chicken pox! This decision was supported by a blood test which did not confirm that I was immune to chicken pox. I was prescribed anti-viral tablets and bought some PoxClin CoolMousse (which was absolutely amazing at stopping the itching). Of course, I was initially rather concerned about what the impact might be on the baby if indeed I did have chicken pox but was greatly reassured by the actual risk factors and that at 25 weeks pregnant it was the “best” time to have it.

The thing was though that I felt absolutely fine, no aching or fever and as the blisters failed to crust over like you would expect with chicken pox, I’m pretty sure that I didn’t have it and the blisters were down to some sort of allergic reaction to something like dust mites when I sorted out that dusty box of maternity wear! I guess I’ll never know for sure, although if I don’t have immunity to chicken pox as the blood test suggested, it will be interesting to see what happens when Seren and her sibling eventually get the illness!

This drama seemed to kick off an illness period in our household. A definite side effect of a) living with a small child b) being pregnant through the winter months meant that if I wasn’t ill then someone else was and I was looking after them. MrS was bed ridden with flu for a week over my birthday but we did get to celebrate the week after.

On the day of my birthday I reached the 28 week milestone and entered the 3rd trimester!

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