Life in photos, late winter 2014

Hello spring! I thought it was about time for a photo round up of some of the things we’ve been up to since Christmas – things that I haven’t written about already or aren’t in my to blog pile! Most of these photos are taken with my iPhone so the quality is most definitely variable.

late-winter-2014In January we went to a soft play party to celebrate Seren’s friend Elizabeth turning 2. Seren’s soft play confidence levels have increased a lot over the last couple of months and she will happily go round the course without adult help. Phew – this allows me to sit and have a cup of tea whilst keeping an eye on her and will no doubt be much appreciated when we have the new baby in tow too.

late-winter-2014-2Another birthday party! We went up to Northamptonshire to celebrate our friend Beth’s 40th. There were lots of children’s activities – lovely garden to explore, dancing, a treasure hunt, pass the parcel, cake (of course!) and fireworks too! The photo on the right is of Seren looking up in awe at the fireworks. After bonfire night and some Christmas display fireworks, Seren has a bit of thing about them and she asks us to find displays on YouTube for her to watch. She has 2 stock conversation starter phrases: 1) “I saw the animals!” 2) “I saw the fireworks in the sky!”.

late-winter-2014-3I had a work trip to Brussels at the end of January, which would turn out to be my last trip before maternity leave. The first photo is the view from my hotel room, which doesn’t look like much but I was thrilled to stay in the city centre as all my trips last year involved an airport hotel. The second photo is a divine pancake in lieu of lunch at Brussels Midi station before getting on to the Eurostar for the journey home.

late-winter-2014-4Whilst I was away, Seren had a Pirates and Princesses day at nursery and daddy dressed her as a pirate. Dress-up has now become a big thing with fairy costumes being the favourite at the moment.

late-winter-2014-5I had a couple of extra days off work in February and enjoyed taking Seren to Jack and Jill’s Music Club which we aren’t usually able to get to. I used to take her when she was a baby (despite the noise she used to always fall asleep) and we both enjoy it – it’s fast paced with lots of interactive songs, instruments and a cuppa for the grown ups afterwards. I’m hoping to get there more regularly now I’m on maternity leave. Here is Seren after the group with her friends Molly and Lola.


Walking is another big deal at the moment. We haven’t ditched the buggy completely (the couple of times I did ditch the buggy, I ended up carrying her which isn’t great for either of us) but Seren prefers to walk for part of our journeys. So we now have to leave a lot of extra time – she loves to sit on walls, pick up sticks, pine cones, daisies and stop to look at trains, buses, postmen, dogs, ducks and other children. After a couple of nerve wracking trips which involved me shrieking about road safety and grabbing hold of her, she is now pretty clued up and will follow the rules. Which are that she is not to run ahead, not to teeter on the edge of the pavement and to absolutely always stop when she gets to a road and hold my hand when we cross it. She shouts at me now if I’m too near the edge of the pavement! Buggy-wise we are still using the Bugaboo Bee that we’ve had since she was born but I’ve been lent a Phil & Ted’s double buggy to use when number 2 arrives. I’m going to get a buggy board for the Bee as well and can alternate between that and slinging the baby and Seren sitting in the buggy. Luckily, the Bee is so flexible and converts quickly and easily!


Scabble! My Valentine’s gift to MrS, I decided to get something to try to keep our brains active over the next couple of months! We’ve played it once so far and I had a jammy last minute win as MrS graciously let me have viva. First sign of spring in the garden – daffodils! We now have hyacinths and tulips too. I’ve been trying to focus on them and not the missing fence panels and general post-winter mess! We did manage to have a bit of a garden tidy last weekend, though I over did things as ached the next day. I am keeping our gardening plans very low key this summer.

late-winter-2014-9Lunch bear idea from Pinterest! Bread slightly rounded, with peanut butter on top (you could use Nutella) with banana and blueberry ears, nose and mouth.

late-winter-2014-10My amazing belated birthday cake! MrS did well – meringue, rose cream, jam and strawberries. I did wonder how on earth we would manage to eat it all but 3 days later it was all gone.

late-winter-2014-11Family visit and a trip with the scooter to Grovelands Park. If I thought walking with Seren was nerve wracking then scooting is another level! Hopefully we’ll get to take it out more now the weather is looking up and she’ll get the hang of it. She loves to do a flamingo pose on it at the moment – pushing off then sticking one leg out to the side. I have no idea where that has come from.

late-winter-2014-12We went to a great party to celebrate Erin’s 3rd birthday at the beginning of March. Bouncy castle, soft play, face painting, party tea then pass the parcel. A lot of fun. And look at the cake! Erin’s clever mummy Charlotte made it. Seren had her face painted for the first time but was a little unsure of the process so we went for a little cheek butterfly. She was disappointed when she woke up the next morning and it had flown away!

late-winter-2014-13 late-winter-2014-14Pancake day! After a couple of mouthfuls of Nutella from the jar, Seren wasn’t too interested in her pancake. But she was excited about flipping it in her little toy frying pan! Then she grabbed a tea towel to turn into a picnic blanket and got some of her soft friends together to have a pancake picnic. The party culminated in her reading them a made up story about Peppa Pig. These photos are terrible but it was such a sweet moment I couldn’t leave it out!

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