Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 9-12

Pregnancy-Diaries--Weeks-9-12Week 9 started with the excitement of my “booking in appointment” and the first chance to see a midwife. I’m not in love with the way they do this at my local hospital, you turn up at the same time as several others, fill in paperwork, have a group talk led by a midwife and then it’s a conveyor belt of having blood taken, giving a urine sample, height and weight checks and a 1 to 1 with a midwife. I went on my own around this time as Mr S was at home with LS, which didn’t bother me in the slightest. The midwife who led the group talk seemed slightly nervous, didn’t make eye contact and included Stilton on the “banned pregnancy food” list. Which isn’t correct, Stilton as a hard blue cheese is currently on the “OK” list according to the NHS website. The guidance does change from time to time though so I guess it’s easy to get confused. My 1 to 1 with a different midwife was much more positive, we talked about where I’d like to give birth, the type of birth I wanted, my experience last time and she confirmed a date and time for my 12 week scan, which was to be on Hallowe’en.

Later that week, MrS and I celebrated our 3rd wedding anniversary and we took ourselves off to the Harry Potter studio tour (photo above) for the morning (slightly different from our lovely lunch at Bob Bob Ricard the year before, but eating nice food and drinking cocktails were strictly off my agenda!). We enjoyed the tour, I kept the nausea at bay with a lot of polos and the cheese sandwich and butterbeer we consumed when we got to the outside part of the tour where very welcome – along with the sit down! The nausea continued throughout these weeks of course but I think I wrote enough about that last time

Week 10 started with a trip to the Essex coast for MrS to have his flying lesson (Christmas present from 2012) and the weather was lovely so we had a paddle in the sea too.


Apart from those outings and another – more torturous due to the sickness this time – business trip to Belgium, I very much kept life low key due and LS and I watched a lot of Peppa Pig during our days together. I did finally get round to signing up for the Babycentre and NHS weekly pregnancy emails though, I can’t say I’m devouring them as much as I did first time around but there are useful reminders of what the baby is up to each week. 

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