Biscuit Love: Jammie Dodgers

jammie-dodgers1Happy Valentine’s Day! It’s also my birthday although am full of a cold (MrS is poorly too) so I think going to take it easy today and do something lovely next week instead. This might mean I get a little time to do some “selfish” things I need to do at home – like write up this post about the baking LS and I did last weekend!

We don’t do a huge amount of baking together, perhaps about once a month. I do find it a little stressful to be honest but, like most things involving small children, if you lower your usual standards and expectations and substantially increase your patience levels, then it can be fun. LS LOVES baking! She gets to do it at nursery and with nana too. We have surfeit of lovely homemade jam at the moment so I decided our next baking activity would involve using some of it up and whilst my initial thoughts involved simple jam tarts or a swiss roll, I then came across this recipe for Jammie (or Jamie) Dodgers which looked simple enough to follow.


We followed the recipe pretty much exactly and after I’d whizzed the butter and sugar in the food mixer, LS enjoyed giving it an extra stir. Baking is a complete sensory experience for her and she also likes to smell, taste and feel the mixture with her hands too. I tried to stop her eating it though once the raw egg had been added! She liked running her hands through the flour when it was being sifted too. At this stage it was probably a bit too hard for her to stir the heavy mixture so I did this. I think a little too much butter may have been eaten as I found it didn’t come together to a dough very well until I added a little extra melted butter.


After an hour we got the mixture out of the fridge to roll it and LS declared it to be a “BIG play dough”! We went through the different biscuits cutters we have, talked about the different shapes and after a bit of persuading on my part, settled on Valentine-esque hearts. We took it turns to roll out and cut out the heart biscuits – lots of patience required for this part! We didn’t have a smaller heart cutter for the middles so improvised using a cake decoration flower cutter which I think looks cute.

jammie-dodger4 jammie-dodger5 jammie-dodger6 jamme-dodger6

The biscuits cooked a little quicker than the time indicated on the recipe and once cooled we sandwiched together using raspberry jam.

jammie-dodger-7 jammie-dodger-8

It wasn’t until the next day that the important business of eating them got underway and I was ┬áreally pleased with how well they turned out – taste and texture wise – it’s a great recipe. LS declared them to be deeeeelicious!


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