Pregnancy Diaries: Weeks 1-4

pregnancy-diariesOf course you don’t actually know you are pregnant for the first approximately 4 weeks and you aren’t actually pregnant for the first approximately 2 weeks of that (just in case this is all new to you, pregnancies are dated from the first day of your last period, not from when you actually conceive 10-14 ish days later!).

So, we were already 3 weeks and 4 days into the pregnancy by the time we found out (just to confuse things more the test in the picture shows 2-3 weeks pregnant as it dates from when you actually conceive not from the last period date!). I waited until the date my next period was due to do the test as have never had any luck testing earlier. It was the Tuesday after the August bank holiday weekend and MrS was due to leave the house at 6.30am to get to work. I didn’t want to do the test when he was out so I got up at 5am, did the test, told MrS the good news then went back to sleep! I prefer to use the digital tests that actually say “pregnant” or “not pregnant” rather then having to work out if there really is a line in the magic box on the other types of tests. Then ensued a nervous couple of days before I could relax wondering if everything would be OK and that this pregnancy would be a “sticky” one.

We had found out we were pregnant with LS on the 29th December 2010. I had been testing using early tests since the 23rd and with each negative result, I convinced myself more and more that I wasn’t pregnant that month (and therefore ate a little more Brie and drank a little more wine, oops!). I got the positive test using a regular “blue line” based test and had the “is that a line? I think it’s a line!” conversation with MrS. After the personal training session I had already booked in (those were the days!), I went to buy a digital test! That test confirmed things and I spent the next couple of days in a “oh my gosh I’m pregnant” haze. I bought the week-by-week pregnancy bible book (which to be honest, I still haven’t read, preferring the week-by-week update emails from Babycentre) and Tess Daly’s The Baby Diaries. I really enjoyed Tess’s book as prefer real life stories, I must go back and re-read the chapter on 2nd time around pregnancies!

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