23 months!


And I missed 22 months ooops. To be honest, I’ve been a bit “head in the sand” about the approaching 2nd birthday, it really feels like she isn’t a baby any more. I think I’m over it now though. Some new things:

* Speech – she’s saying more whole sentences like “Where has mummy gone? There she is!” and she has a little continuous running commentary thing going on, “mummy shower, mummy coffee, mummy driving”. It’s fun hearing her come out with new phrases. Alas, she’s picking up our lazy language too though and says “yeah” or “yep” instead of “yes”. “Let’s go!” has been a favourite this weekend. It’s nice that we can have little conversations and she continues to understand lots more than she can articulate.

* Movement – she can climb onto our dining room chairs and sit herself down though wants our help to jump back down. Jumping is a really favourite thing to do – off chairs, in puddles and into the swimming pool. She’s still going to toddler dance classes and getting more into that too.

* Bumps + scrapes – are still plentiful but she’s actually quite a brave little thing and rarely cries. If she cries then it’s bad like the day she fell down a step and had a nose bleed (super scary for me). She always wants the bumps kissed better though.

* Pretend play – she makes her teddies sit down next to her or lie down to go to sleep. She brings me coffee in her play cups!

* Pushing boundaries – you know like not listening to us and doing things she knows she shouldn’t. Repeatedly. I think some things are sinking in though – after a spate of her tying to run off into the road she has stopped that and says “road, car coming” instead. Work in progress for the next however-many-years I guess.

* Self praise – we’ve had “good girl” and”clever girl” and she points at one of her paintings saying “lovely painting”! I admire her self-belief.

A year ago aged 11 months, with a lot less hair:
11 months

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