Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall

Have you been down to the Festival of Neighbourhood on London’s South Bank this summer? There is a veritable feast of events and activities for all ages from the food markets, the Propstore bar, makeshift beach, street theatre and the pop up venue, London Wonderground.


We visited the festival a few weeks ago, predominately to attend Monski Mouse’s Baby Disco Dance Hall at the London Wonderground having snapped up half price tickets via the Little Bird discount website. DJ Monski Mouse (who dons a funky mouse-like hairstyle!) is an Australian DJ with a lot of energy. The 45 minute set is a mix of dance floor fillers and upbeat nursery rhymes such as Marimba Rhythms and Nelly the Elephant. The set ended with the conga, which LS alas missed as she was having her nappy “refreshed”!

monski-mouse2 monski-mouse3Despite not having had an afternoon nap and the venue being rather hot, LS and her friend Betsy enjoyed the disco, eventually getting used to the idea of dancing on the dance floor. They also had fun standing on the seats in our booth and looking in the mirror too. The parents were fortified with Pimms which is always a winner!

We’d definitely go again. There are two more Monski Mouse sessions this summer (1st + 15th September) at the London Wonderground and its worth keeping an eye on Little Bird for tickets too (no promises!).

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