In the Night Garden Live

in-the-night-garden-liveWe took LS to see In the Night Garden Live in Richmond a couple of weeks ago. I booked the tickets ages ago (long before her Peppa Pig obsession kicked in!) and I’d been deliberating ever since about which was the lesser of two evil travel options to get from Enfield to Richmond for the 10am show – car in rush hour traffic or braving a commuter train. We opted to drive and gave ourselves plenty of time (over 2 hours!) which we needed.

But it was worth it! All travel stresses soothed away when we stepped into the magical and well organised Showdome in Old Deer Park. I had booked Premium Tickets so we could sit at the front as I was a bit worried about LS not being able to see if we ended up at the back. However, the Show Dome is such a snug and well laid out venue that I think we would probably be OK wherever we had sat.

We saw the Pinky Ponk show where Makka Pakka loses his sponge and Upsy Daisy helps find it. The characters were a mix of puppets and adults wearing costumes and all the show favourites appeared. LS was transfixed from the moment that the opening scene from the TV programme was projected on to the ceiling right through to the end 45 minutes later (a record!).



After the show we met Igglepiggle! We’d booked the Meet the Character experience when we bought the tickets (and here’s where it pays to be an early bird as the experiences happen in the order they were booked so we were up first!). LS was initially a little daunted but soon warmed to Igglepiggle and was happy to sit on his lap for a photo. She spent the rest of the afternoon saying “Piggle lap” so I think he made an impression!


The show has finished it’s current London run but is on in Birmingham until mid August when it moves to Manchester.

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