Happy Father’s Day!

Father's-DayFather'sDay2LS & daddy at a few days old and then at 17 months

We’re having a super chilled out day here, giving MrS a break from the DIY mountain. Well that’s the theory but he has put together the Little Tykes slide we just bought and is planning to put up some brackets for hanging baskets. He will have steak for dinner as a reward (I will have salmon and LS will have a bit of surf and turf I think) with pavlova for afters and perhaps we’ll open some Prosecco.

Daddy and Baby Me

On another note, it’s the 3rd Father’s Day without my lovely daddy so still rather raw. I love these passport photos of him and me as a baby – so 1970s! Perhaps we’ll try to recreate something similar with LS.

Happy Father’s Day to all the daddies out there and much love for those who find the day a little hard going.


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