Mother’s Day Fun

I hope all the mummies out there had a lovely Mother’s Day last weekend! And those that find the day hard we’re OK. It’s still a real novelty here and I guess the day will come into it’s own when LS is a bit older. I remember having so much fun making cards for my mum, making up a breakfast tray and picking flowers from the garden to put on it.

We had a super chilled out Mother’s Day this year after an otherwise hectic weekend. Friday night saw a much needed mummies night out which ended in a late night bar (or two) in Palmers Green. I cannot tell you how long it’s been since I was out late drinking. Actually I can, November 2010 – less than 2.5 years ago yet a lifetime ago too.

Anyway, I was still feeling a touch jaded by the Sunday and I had a lie in, during which LS kept running in to bring me teddies to snuggle with. Later on we had afternoon tea courtesy of Mr S. Despite being too small to see over a shop counter LS had managed to procure a card, flowers and a cool Wizard of Oz craft book, Everything Oz: The Wizard Book of Makes & Bakes by  Hannah Read-Baldrey. The book is fun, lots of party ideas – if anyone wants some squashed Wicked Witch cupcakes, I’m your woman!

Then there was the card made at nursery, now officially known as The Best Card Ever. Until the next one comes home of course. I also helped LS make cards for nana and granny – using her handprints to make a plant.

Mother's-Day-Handprints Mother's-Day-Cards2Nursery’s version (on the right) was rather more inspired than mine – guess they’ve had a lot more practice! I’ve been collecting hand and foot print ideas on Pinterest for the future.

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