Language Explosion

I really noticed how much LS’s word count is creeping during our time off last week.

Oh dear, daddy and cat are still clear favourites. She seems to throw things on the floor just so she can say oh dear. And she’s perhaps a little too generous with who or what she calls daddy or cat. Some new contenders for favourite phrase are from nursery rhymes: row row (accompanied by rocking) and e-i-e-i-o. Arguably, the latter isn’t a word or phrase but still shows some sort of repetition and the correct forming of sounds so I’m counting it!. Other words she uses at the moment:

* Mummy – not very often! 
* Star 
– only once though
* Baba – she says this to her baby photos
* Boo – as in Peekaboo
* Balloon
* Ball – lots of b words then!
* Shoes – which comes out as shuzz
Duck – I still find it hard to get my head round the fact that she says this in a London accent, given I say it to her in my Northern accent!
* Up – which accompanies her outstretched arms as in pick me up NOW
– though only if I say this to her first
* No
– which is becoming rather too frequent!

I’m still amazed whenever she says something new, I’m fascinated by what is going on in her mind and how she is absorbing everything around her. Wonder what will be next.

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4 Responses to Language Explosion

  1. leanne says:

    I can’t wait to hear her little voice! 1 week to go ! xx

  2. Less than 1 week now! And I forgot ‘ta’ and ‘cuddle’ oooops. Oh dear.

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